Dusty's Law Passes in NJ

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In July 2010, a seeing eye puppy was mauled by an unrestrained dog in New Jersey. The puppy, a german shepherd named Dusty, survived the attack but was unable to enter the training program due to the attack.

For the past four years, the Seeing Eye has been working towards Dusty's Law, which would make killing, injuring, or interfering with a service animal or service animal in training (including puppies being raised to be guide dogs) a criminal offence in New Jersey. Not only would this mean stricter penalties if people (or their dogs) attack guide dogs, but by making it a crime, police would respond to such incidents. In the past, such incidents would usually be referred to animal control officers, who typically aren't available during off hours, and often didn't have the resources to investigate the attack or render assistance to a guide dog user whose guide dog may be unable to work. The effort to get the law passed was led by Dusty's puppy raiser, Roger Woodhour, and Seeing Eye volunteer Ginger Kutsch.

Dusty's Law was passed by the Assembly and Senate and signed in January by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.