Kitty Cat Tips and Tricks

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Kittenhood is the best time to acclimate a kitten to crates and cat travel to make traveling to the veterinary hospital less stressful. While different types of crates are available, top-opening crates facilitate easier entry and exit. Once owners obtain a crate, they should leave it out and open in a common area. Treats and comfortable bedding should be placed inside and the kitten praised and offered a treat each time the owner sees it in the crate. Kittens can also be taught to wear a harness and leash for safe outdoor access.

An informative article of crate training is available from the Cat Council. Click Here to read more.

Location is everything when it comes to getting the kitten to use the provided scratching material. Place one preferred scratching surface in the kitten's safe room and another where it spends family time. Make the scratching surface appealing and fun, integrating perching, climbing, play, and resting areas. Sprinkling catnip on the post or mat can make it more attractive.

Making areas where you do not want the kitten to scratch unpleasant can also help. Use double sided tape on plants and furniture.