License Your Dog - It's the Law

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A dog license is an inexpensive way to keep peace of mind in case your dog lets lost. It's his ticket home, and it's the law.

All dogs three months and older must be licensed by January 1st of each year. Dog owners who do not license their dogs can be cited with a maximum fine of $300 plus court costs.

Owners of dogs that are microchipped or tattooed can obtain one time, lifetime license.

The annual cost is $8.45 for an intact dog, and if your dog is spayed/neutered the cost is $6.45. Lifetime license costs are $51.45 for in tact dogs and $31.45 for spayed/neutered dogs.

The licenses are available from your local county treasurer. Some counties offer online licensing. Licenses may also be available through registered agents in certain counties. Contact your county treasurer for details.